4 Insects People Actually Eat

Entomophagy is Practice of Eating Insects



People all Over the World Eat Insects

Yup, pretty gross for most people in western society to imagine but its a true fact. The practice of consuming insects is called entomophagy. See eating bugs is not just for television shows like Fear Factor after all, people really really do this everyday. Lets take a Journey and See some insects people eat around the globe.  First Stop on our trip will be Japan.


4 Insects People Actually Eat #1

insects people eat in japan

Japan Eats Insects

In Japan it is common practice to eat insects. The two most popular insects for consumption in Japan are boiled wasp larvae and silk worm pupae. If ever in Japanese restaurant you may see hachi-no-ko - boiled wasp larvae or sangi - fried silk moth pupae.
It may sound displeasing to us, but insects provide protein and thousands of years ago Japan had famine and protein sources were hard to come by, insects however were abundant. People started eating insects and the practice continues in modern day Japan.


4 Insects People Actually Eat #2

insects people eat in indonesia

Indonesia People Eat Insects

Yes its true in Indonesia people eat Dragonfly and Damselfly. Its supposed be very tasty. The Dragonflies are usually boiled or fried and served with rice. This tasty insect is also popular in Bali and Philippines and other Asian countries. I am willing to bet you wont look at a dragonfly the same way again. Real question is would you eat a dragonfly?


4 Insects People Actually Eat #3

casu marzu

Italians Eat Insects Too

Ask an Italian what is Casu Marzu. I will tell you that it is a cheese dish made with rotting cheese and maggots. Maggots are fly larvae. It sounds gross but i am told its actually pretty good. I have not tried it and not sure if I will, but i love other Italian dishes.

4 Insects People Actually Eat #4

insects eaten in mexico

Mexico Has over 200 Insects Regularly Eaten

Yes, Mexico is a huge consumer of insects with well over 200 species listed as food source. Relax, we are only going to discuss a weird one. The stink bug or jumile. Yes Stink bugs are eaten in Mexico. They are eaten alive added to taco's and sprinkled with some lime. Better eat fast dinner is still moving.